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Celadon Whistler: a Modern take on Traditional Korean

Linsey and I recently did a shoot for an interesting Korean style restaurant in Whistler BC.  Celadon Whistler takes traditional Korean dishes and gives them a sleek, modern twist, and their own unique style.

The owners, Sonny and Maggie Huh, came to my studio with all the ingredients prepared and ready to go for a busy day of shooting. Sonny worked closely with my food stylist, Linsey Bell, to prepare each dish for the camera. He was quite amazed by the difference between cooking for restaurant customer and preparing dishes to be photographed. The detailing, fiddling, and fussing that go into styling a photograph are way beyond what you could ever do during a busy dinner service! Here are the results:

Bulgogi Steak

Kimchi Noodle Soup

Bibimbap salad

Seafood Pancake

Sonny’s gourmet burger

By the way, the food tastes as amazing as it looks! We all really enjoyed sampling and savoring these Korean delicacies. Maggie and Sonny recently hosted an event in Vancouver to launch their new menu, and they got a great review in the Foodists blog, which also features many of the shots. If you have plans for visiting Whistler this winter don’t miss this great restaurant, and say hi to Maggie and Sonny for me!

A Popcorn Salad, with Browned Butter Dressing

Our local Ontario corn is now fully in season, so this seemed like a very appropriate recipe. This is a great way to utilize some leftover corn on the cob from last nights BBQ or dinner party.

I first tasted this delightful and unexpected salad at Mildred’s Temple Kitchen, a very cool restaurant right here in Liberty Village. I was intrigued by the name, Popcorn Salad, and then delighted by this surprising combination of three types of corn which give a unique crunch and texture.  Also, the use of a brown butter dressing lends a rich, nutty flavor to this salad. So the next night I set about learning how to brown butter to make the dressing, and re-creating the salad for my dinner guests. It was a hit, so I thought I’d share it here with you.

Basically it’s a simple green salad, using mixed greens or whatever you have on hand, liberally adorned with BBQ corn kernels, popcorn and Corn Pops. Yes, Kellog’s Corn Pops, the breakfast cereal! You can also get crunchy roasted corn kernels as well to toss in for some extra texture and flavor.

Brown butter is a classic French sauce simply created by cooking butter until it lightly browns. This has the dual effect of eliminating the water from the butter, thus concentrating the flavor, as well as imparting a rich, nutty flavor. It’s traditionally used  on its own as a sauce for fish, chicken, or vegetables.  In this case I decided to use the browned butter as a base for a vinaigrette to dress our salad. The brown butter blended with sherry vinegar, Dijon mustard, a bit of olive oil and a hint of garlic makes a fabulous salad dressing!

To see how these photographs were created, Click Here!

Photo Credits:  Photography by Rob Davidson
Food Styling by Linsey Bell
Assistants:  Chris Hazard and Amber Scott