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The Lemontail: a fun summer cocktail

Hot summer days and warm nights are just around the corner, so here’s a refreshing cocktail  to sip while chilling with your friends.

It’s a fresh spin on a classic martini…. using gin, Limoncello and a hint of basil to compliment the juniper flavour of the gin. We rimmed the glass with Pop Rocks, just for fun.  If you haven’t tried any of the recipes yet, this is a good one!  Here’s the recipe.

By the way, Limoncello is an Italian liqueur that’s very popular in the south, especially along the Amalfi coast and around Capri, where the lemons are grown.  It’s made by infusing liquor with lemon peel for a month or so, then sweetening with a simple syrup.  It’s often made at home in the region, so here’s a recipe if you want to give it a try.  It’s usually served chilled as an after dinner drink, and it’s very refreshing on its own or with a splash of soda.  In this cocktail it brings a fresh lemon flavor with a bit of sweetness to mellow out the gin.

Now you’re probably wondering how we got this big splash for the shot.

So check out the behind the scenes action HERE.

I can tell you that we had a lot of fun  and Linsey got very wet!

Credits: Photography by Rob Davidson
Food Styling & Throwing: Linsey Bell
Assistant & Splasher: Nadia Cheema